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Supergrowplants is a website for learning how to grow marijuana also know as Cannabis or Weed. It contains a lot of detailed information on growing indoors with soil or hydroponics. Learn what you need to grow cannabis on this website or ask questions on the forums. Supergrowplants will provide you with the tools to learn how to grow successfully. For all first timers who want to grow cannabis please read all the information contained here. Pay very close attention and you can learn how to do it properly and have some dank buds. Follow all the links for watering, harvesting, curing, cloning etc. You will be able to grow marijuana fast! Be sure you follow the laws in your local area before you grow marijuana. Growing marijuana does not have to be confusing or hard. My goal is to make a website that makes growing weed easy. I want people to find the information they need and to use it. If you want a good boost in plant growth order Super Foliage Spray and get that plant super bushy fast!


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For all plants. Grow big plants fast. Get lots of branches and hundreds of clones! Make them super BUSHY with these nutrients. Huge cannabis plants guaranteed. Super Foliage Spray is a must buy must have nutrients for indoors or outdoors, soil or hydroponics. You can add super foliage spray nutrients to your current nutrient program, for beginners or professionals. 1 Gallon of spray nutrients shipped as a 4 oz concentrate to save on shipping. Directions: Mix super foliage spray nutrients 4 oz ultra concentrate with 1 gallon of water and load your sprayer. Spray plants with super foliage spray daily 1-5 times the entire vegetative stage. Great for clones and seedlings. Can help prevent transplant shock and it never burns a plant no matter how much you use it! Buy Super Foliage Spray HERE. Hydroponics or soil grows.

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White Widow - 1995 Cannabis Cup Winner. One of the highest percentages of THC known.